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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything you would like to know hopefully the answers are here, if not email us at and one of the team will get back to you.

What locations are available?

SANGHA HOUSE is on the corner of Newarke street, over the road from the Hugh Aston Building and right on the doorstep of De Montfort University. 20 minutes walk down New Walk will take you to the University of Leicester 

SANGHA HALLS is on Guildhall Lane behind Leicester Cathedral, just a few minutes walk from De Montfort University and city centre . 

ALEXANDER HOUSE is near the top of Regent Road close to the junction with University Road and just a few minutes walk to University of Leicester and 10 minutes walk to city centre.

How do I make a reservation or arrange a viewing?

Click apply now/arrange a viewing, fill in the details and submit and we will call or email you back. 

Can a group of us share together?

Yes, just let us know when you enquire and we will do our best to ensure you are all allocated rooms in same flat.

Are there different sizes of rooms and what do they cost?

Each location has its own details page which shows the different sizes of rooms and if you click the room rates button it shows the costs.

What do I get in my room and in the shared kitchen/lounge in the flat?

All of our rooms have ensuite facilities.  Check out the individual location page and this gives full details of the room types available and what comes as standard within them.  It also gives details of how your kitchen/lounge will look and what is fitted as standard.

What is included in the rent?

Gas, electricity, water charges and a base internet package is included in your rental cost.  There is no internet connection charge payable. Personal contents insurance and tv license for any tv that is in your bedroom is not included and should be arranged by yourselves

How do I pay my rental?

If you are a student who is a UK resident who can provide a UK guarantor or an international student who can provide a UK guarantor, payment is made in 3 instalments by postdated cheques in September, January and April for those with 43 week contracts and with an additional payment in July if you choose a 50 week contract.  Post dated cheques have to be provided at the time of making the reservation and should be from an account either held by yourself or your guarantor.

If you are an international student who cannot provide a uk guarantor then payment for the whole term of the tenancy should be received into our account by 1st July   

Who can be a guarantor and what is their role?

A guarantor must be over 18 years of age, resident in the uk and in full time employment.  Ideally it should be your parents/guardians but if they live overseas another relative can be considered.  Their role is to pay the rental cost if the student is for any reason not able to.  They are party to the contract.

What happens to my reservation fee once I have paid it?

Until the start of your tenancy contract your reservation fee is retained by us.  Once the tenancy starts it reverts to a deposit and is lodged with Deposit Protection Service whose details can be found at  At the end of your tenancy as long as your room and the communal areas in your flat are in the same condition as when you moved in your deposit will be returned in full.

Can I smoke?

Our accommodation operates a strict No Smoking policy.

Can I have guests to stay overnight?

One overnight guest is allowed to stay with you in your bedroom for a maximum of 2 nights in any week.  Overnight guests are not permitted to stay in the lounge or common areas of the flat.  You are responsible for the behaviour of any guests that you have in the building at any time of day or night and we reserve the right to ask guests to leave if they are in breach of behaviour, safety and occupation rules in the building.

Do I have to keep my bedroom clean?

You are responsible for the day to day cleaning of your bedroom/ensuite bathroom and jointly with your flatmates for the lounge/kitchen and corridor areas within your flat. 

Is there a laundry facility available?

Alexander House and Sangha House have coin operated laundry facilities operated by Circuit Laundries. Sangha Halls has a washer/dryer located in each flat.

Is there any car parking available?

Alexander House has a limited number of parking spaces that can be rented by students for the time of their stay.  In Sangha House and Sangha Halls there is no on-site car parking available. 

Do I have to pay council tax?

As a full time student you should receive council tax exemption.  You will need to provide a council tax exemption certificate within 7 days of moving in.

Is there on site security?

Our accommodation is designed for independent living so there is no onsite staff but we take security and safety very seriously .Our properties have a secure key fob front door entry system and key fob entry to each individual flat.  Each bedroom has a key operated lock.    Extensive cctv camera coverage is located inside and outside the buildings.  Sophisticated fire alarm systems including heat and smoke detectors are standard and fire alarm testing and evacuation drills are carried out.  Each of our buildings has a dedicated accommodation manager and out of hours emergency team that is just a phone call away. 

What happens if something goes wrong in my room?

We like to keep our buildings well maintained at all times and respond to problems quickly.  We employ maintenance contractors who look after the general building and for more specialist work suitably qualified professionals will carry out the work.
Just contact your accommodation manager and they will arrange a speedy repair.

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